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-Welcome to - HARMONY __

Wheat is the number one ingredient in the biscuits we make at Mondelez International. So, as Europe’s largest biscuits baker, we believe it is critical for us to help play a key role in tackling the biggest environmental challenges in wheat farming: climate change mitigation and biodiversity protection.

This is why we created the Harmony program in 2008 that seeks the commitment of local farmers in Europe to follow more sustainable practices in the growing and processing of wheat. This pioneering program now collaborates with ~1,3601 farmers across 7 European countries (Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Italy, Poland, and Spain), growing ~98%1 of our wheat needs to produce our Europe biscuits2.

1. Harmony 2022 Data
2. European business unit; excluding portfolio manufactured in newly acquired plants

-Meet- HARMONY __

Co-created along the wheat supply chain with farmers, cooperatives, and millers - as well as agronomists, environment specialists and NGOs - the Harmony program champions farming practices that aim at improving soil health, reducing carbon emissions, protecting biodiversity, and preserving water. It uniquely combines scale with a pioneering local partnership approach.

Harmony has developed a strong and unique data reporting system on farming practices and ensures full traceability from wheat storage to factory.

External audits are conducted every year by independent and certified organisms to guarantee compliance with the Harmony charter. Over 300 audits were performed in 2022.

-3 things that make- HARMONY _unique_

The Harmony Farmers

Harmony farmers are our partners. They share our values and commitment to implement more sustainable practices. They grow wheat close to our factories and apply the rigorous Harmony charter, that aims at helping to mitigate climate change and reverse biodiversity losses.

The Harmony Charter

The objectives of the Harmony charter are to:

  • Carefully select, trace and control wheat
  • Reason pesticides and fertilizers use
  • Care for the soil and water
  • Enhance biodiversity

Biodiversity Protection

Biodiversity protection has been at the heart of Harmony since its creation. To enhance our impact over the last decade, we have partnered with Noé, an NGO striving to safeguard and restore biodiversity. Over the years, we have built considerable expertise.

Our Harmony charter requires that each partner farmer sets up at least one action in favor of biodiversity, with a specific focus on pollinators. One example of actions is to dedicate a minimum of 3% of Harmony wheat field to honey fallows flowers.

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-The- HARMONY _Farmers_

Harmony is a community of ~1,360 farmers across 7 European countries

As farmers, we have a large responsibility to feed the world and it is therefore critical we continue enhancing the health of our soil.

Pawel Kaczmarek

Harmony Farmer, Poland

Biodiversity, including life in the soil of my fields, is very important to me; it is essential and at the heart of my job.

Eric Bonnefoy

Harmony Farmer, France

Farmer Eric Bonnefoy

-The- HARMONY _fields_

We grow Harmony wheat as close as possible to our biscuit factories

  • Biscuit factories
  • Harmony wheat fields

-The- HARMONY _program in Europe today_

  • ~1,360 Harmony partner farmers in 7 European countries
  • ~98%1 of the wheat volume needed for our Europe biscuits production grown under the Harmony charter
  • ~397,000 tons of Harmony wheat harvested
  • ~1,800 hectares of Harmony fallows dedicated to biodiversity

Harmony Data 2022
1) European Business Unit; excluding portfolio manufactured in newly acquired plants

-- HARMONY_at the heart of our brands_

Over 80% of our European biscuit brands, such as belVita, Milka, now carry the Harmony label on pack, equivalent to ~2B packs. Our Local Heritage Brands, such as LU in France and Benelux, Oro in Italy, Fontaneda in Spain or Opavia in Czech Republic, go further by activating the importance of Harmony for the environment with our consumers (via TV, digital, in-store and PR).

-We work in- PARTNERSHIP __

We proudly partner with farmers, millers, cooperatives, experts and NGOs to continuously improve wheat farming practices and thus help improve our impact on the environment.

  • This local biodiversity protection NGO has worked with us since 2010 on our biodiversity initiatives to help raise awareness of wheat chain and public on benefits. For more information: Noé (
  • This agro-ecological consulting firm has partnered with us since 2016 on the development of the Harmony charter and the creation of a strong and unique data reporting system on farming practices. For more information: Accueil - Agrosolutions